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Hangin’ wit da Fam @realJeffRoss & #JohnMayer @ComedyStore #RaceWars #RedEye #SherrodsTwitterArmy #vh1 #roastbattle pic.twitter.com/lvcMCGBGr5


Hangin’ wit da Fam @realJeffRoss & #JohnMayer @ComedyStore #RaceWars #RedEye #SherrodsTwitterArmy #vh1 #roastbattle pic.twitter.com/lvcMCGBGr5

Eli :( thanks for your reply. I just feel very lost. So many reasons to not live I can't take it anymore.

Sweet girl… Life is full of surprises.., things will get good, then get bad, then get good… Hang in there.. I understand feeling lost; like there is no one to turn to or talk to.. Or that cares or that will listen.. Just breathe… Take a clearing breath and just take it day by day.. Minute my minute… That’s all you can do.. I’m here.. I’ll just listen. Xoxo


John Mayer em NY. (27/09)

Somewhere along the way, someone, or a group of people instructed us that it is possible to feel okay all the time. That the human body or the human mind should normally behave appropriately at all times, and if there is even any part of your day, week or month that falls short of feeling one hundred per cent, there is something wrong with you. “Does it burn when you swallow? You got acid reflux, you can’t eat pasta sauce..” bullshit. Let me tell you what happens to everybody, they won’t talk about it, because they feel like it’s only them, but it’s everybody. Everybody freaks out. I wanna show you something.. that’s a Xanax. .5 milligrams. You want to know why I keep going to my doctor and asking for more? Not because I take them, I run them through the laundry. These do not go in my blood stream, these go through my plumbing. But I’ve got my .5 in my pocket, in case I freak the fuck out in front of all of you. *Stomps on Xanax*
If you want to freak out, freak out. If, all of a sudden, you feel like you’re 6 and you wanna cry and you don’t know why, just do it. Let’s just everybody accept that everybody else is gonna freak out. You’re gonna have at least one moment in a week where you just don’t feel right. But maybe it doesn’t feel so wrong if you know that it’s kind of supposed to happen. It’s the other side of being conscious and loving. There are going to be times when you have to press Ctrl-Alt-Delete, you’re gonna have to take a moment. You might be walking through an airport. You might be having the time of your life, in fact, it’s more likely to happen during the time of your life!

John Mayer, during “War of My Life” (via replaceme)

when i have a rough day i whack on this, and it chills me out sooooo much!

Always makes me Tear up :’) 

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This right here is my saving grace.

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Friend of the Devil for pre-going-out piano.

John Mayer instagram



@johnmayer: “Friend of the Devil for pre-going-out piano.”


John Mayer @ Times Square, NYC.


john mayer

The watch that started it all… Rolex ref 6200. A Submariner so early it wasn’t even called a Submariner yet. -JM


The watch that started it all… Rolex ref 6200. A Submariner so early it wasn’t even called a Submariner yet. -JM